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The Streamlined Simonian’s Charter, under the Winner Of Noble Governance (WONG) Program of the Municipality of San Simon was launched on June 01, 2012. The occasion was well attended by the Municipality’s Officials and Employees, Barangay Captains and Councils, different sectors of society, religious groups and many constituents of San Simon, Pampanga.

 The Citizen’s Charter (SC) is a covenant to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape and avert graft and corruption. RA 9485, otherwise known as the “Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007”, requires all government offices including LGUs to formulate Citizen’s Charter. Said Charter is a document that contains relevant information on the frontline services and goods provided by LGUs to its citizens and serves as the standard of their delivery of these services and goods to the public. Said Charter will guide citizens on how to quickly avail of these frontline government services at the community level.


The Streamlined SIMONIAN’s Charter, is a revised testament of our continuous effort to implement Republic Act  9485. This Charter contains information on the services offered by our municipality office, the corresponding requirements and processing time, including the applicable fees and respective departments or accountable officer.


The program that ensured was well applauded  the inspiring message of the
  HRMO, Mr. JOSE E. YABUT III, who described RA 9485 and emphasized the
   importance of employees doing their jobs and serving the people as well.


Mayor Wong, on her part, reiterated her commitment through her mandate in the service of the people. She welcomes the good services delivered to the front line services to the people of San Simon. She said that nothing is new, as officials and employees are used to in delivering service to the public. She vowed to even improve the frontline services among her constituents as the legacy of her administration.

     As part of Mayor Wong’s  administration's commitment  to serve the people of San Simon better, we have streamlined our Simonian’s Charter in order to deliver speedy and efficient service. We have been successful in all our efforts so far, as shown by increase of investments, resulting in more job opportunities and a remarkable increase in local revenue by four hundred percent (400%).

    The 2011 DILG Award of Seal of Good Housekeeping  affirms the municipality's renewed culture of transparency and honest public service.  Another manifestation of excellence in transacting business and handling investors is the 2012 1st place trophy in the issuance of business permit.


 The Provincial Director of DILG-Pampanga, Director ANGELINA S. BLANCO (left) and Ms. HELEN R. MENDOZA (right), Appraising Personnel Specialist of Civil Service Commission (CSC) are the distinguished guests speakers that graced the occasion under the auspices of good governance among stakeholders in the municipality. Director Blanco applauded San Simon as among the pioneering municipality in Pampanga to response to the call of the Department to launch Citizen’s Charter. She told the audience that front line services to the people were essential under the auspices of good governance. While Ms. Mendoza informed officials and employees about the adherence to public service. She reminds about the importance of code of conduct and ethical standards of employees to be strictly followed to deliver services to the people.


The Highlights in the said launching was the PowerPoint presentation of the Streamlined Simonian’s Charter and the unveiling of the SAN SIMON WEBSITE. The presentation was followed by the Service Pledge, led by Dir. Blanco. The signing of service pledge by LGU Officials and Employees showcase the collective effort and undertaking of Simonians.




 In the said pledge, the Municipal Government aims to improve the delivery of services to the constituents and promote commendable standards of ethics among local authorities by providing the constituents with utmost efficiency.



Vice Mayor Honorato M. Almario, on his closing remarks, thanks all visitors, employees and people of
          San Simon in their full cooperation to the Citizen’s Charter of San Simon, Pampanga.


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