1. Please secure and scan a copy of the following documents in pdf format:



          • Business Location Sketch
          • DTI/SEC/CDA
          • CTC For Business
          • Barangay Clearance for Business

Any of the following relative to right over land;

            • Photocopy of Title or Certified True Copy of Title (TCT)
            • Certified True Copy of Latest Tax Declaration (Land/Building)
            • Deed of Conveyance (Deed of Sale, Donation, Extra Judicial)
            • Award of Notice and/or Contract of Lease (if renting)
            • Authorization to use Land 

NOTE:  After 3 months the Joint Inspection Team will conduct an inspection.
          Non compliance thereof may result to revocation of your permit.



          • Business Location Sketch
          • DTI/SEC/CDA
          • CTC For Business
          • Barangay Clearance for Business
          • Previous Mayors/Business Permit
          • Financial Statement (FS)/ Income Tax Return (ITR) /Affidavit of Gross Sales (For Non BIR) 


          • Sanitary Permit (Inspected)
          • Inspection Certificate from BFP (Inspected)
          • Building Official Clearance for Business/
          • Certificate of Occupancy (Inspected)
          • Zoning/Locational Clearance (Inspected)

2.  Do not leave items with red asterisk(*) blank as these fields must contain essential information needed for your application.

3.  Be sure to provide an active contact number and a working email address to be able to receive billing assessment and other notices prior to your application.

4.  For renewal of business permits:

    • Be sure to provide the unique BusinessID found at the upper right corner of your previous business permit below the barcode.
    • Please note that the deadline of application is every January 20. Otherwise, unpaid taxes shall be subjected to a surcharge of 25% of the amount of tax, fees or other impositions due plus an interest of 2% per month of the unpaid taxes, fees or charges including surcharges, until such amount is fully paid (as prescribed in the REVISED REVENUE CODE OF 2008).


No business permit and license shall be renewed unless payment of business tax on the previous year is fully paid.



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